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Annapolis Pumpout Boat Resumes Full-Time Operations


Annapolis, Maryland (6-27-14) Annapolis Mayor Michael Pantelides announces that the City Harbormaster’s Office has resumed 7-day pumpout boat operations.

The City pumpout boat was operational until a major mechanical failure occurred on May 26.   The West / Rhode River-Keeper provided the City part-time use of their pumpout boat while waiting for the substitute boat.  The boat builder has assembled and supplied, at no cost to the City, a substitute  pumpout boat which is now available seven days a week to provide pumpout services to the 9,000 boats registered in Annapolis and the 15,000 transient boats that visit our harbor every year.

The Operation of both the Annapolis pumpout boat and the West/Rhode River boat is fully funded by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and the US Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service.

There are 12 other government subsidized pumpout stations in Annapolis waters.  Go to to find the locations.

All boaters should also be aware that discharge of untreated raw sewage into US coastal waters is illegal within three miles of the US Coast and will result in fines and /or possible criminal prosecution when enforced by the US Coast Guard.