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APD Media Release 05/13/13

Annapolis Police Gun Turn-In Day Results


On Saturday, May 11th the Annapolis Police Department participated in Attorney General Doug Gansler’s First Annual Statewide Gun Turn-In Day.  Anyone could turn in unloaded handguns, rifles, shotguns, or air guns at 199 Taylor Av, no questions asked and no identification required. 


A total of sixteen guns were turned in at Annapolis Police headquarters, six handguns, four shotguns, five rifles, and one air rifle.  Approximately twenty boxes of ammunition were also turned in during the event.  The most frequent reason given for turning in a gun or ammunition was that it belonged to a deceased relative and they no longer wanted it in their home.  The police department does not sell guns that are turned in, rather they will be destroyed. 


For more information about the statewide gun turn-in day visit .