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City Launches Campaign to Promote Walkability

City Launches Campaign to Promote Walkability

March 14, 2013

Annapolis, MD (3-14-13) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen, MainStreets Annapolis Partnership Chairman Steve Samaras, local business leaders, and members of local business organizations all gathered to launch
the “Walk Annapolis” campaign.

The goal is to boost local businesses by promoting how easy it is to walk the City’s five business districts:

  • City Dock and Main Street
  • Maryland Avenue and State Circle
  • West Annapolis
  • West Street
  • Eastport

“One of the qualities that makes Annapolis special is that we have unique, locally-owned fashion boutiques
 and specialty gift shops tucked in between art galleries, pubs, restaurants, and inns,” Annapolis
Mayor Josh Cohen said. “The opportunity to enjoy the historic and maritime charm of the city, while
walking through the various shopping and dinning districts, is just one example of Annapolis' enduring appeal.”

Mayor Cohen unveiled the “Walk Annapolis” campaign banner showing satellite images of the five shopping
districts, overlaid with the footprints of nearby shopping malls to dramatically highlight the similarity in scale.

“People might think it’s easier to walk around Westfield Mall than it is to walk around downtown
Annapolis,” Samaras said. “But if you look at these images, you’ll see that the walk from Church
Circle to City Dock is no further than the walk from Macy’s to Nordstrom’s.”

MainStreets Annapolis Partnership (MAP) is a nonprofit organization made up of local business owners, property owners, the City of Annapolis, lenders, real estate professionals, residents, and local business and community associations. Their partners work together on five committees to enhance the business communities.

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