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West Annapolis Sector Study

Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announces that by 11 a.m. today, the City will have received all proposals from planning/traffic engineering firms to begin the first component of a West Annapolis Sector Study.

“West Annapolis is a hidden gem with authentic character and charm,” Mayor Cohen said. “But like many neighborhoods it has traffic challenges, and many of its businesses are still feeling the effects of the recession. The City has long had a goal to improve the neighborhood’s traffic flow, safety and economic vitality, while also enhancing the pedestrian and bicycle-friendly qualities that are essential to its village character.

“I am pleased that after many years of this languishing on the City’s wish list, we are now poised to retain a firm to move this forward and assist residents, businesspersons and City staff in developing solutions.”

The City of Annapolis issued a Request For Proposals for land use planning, market analysis, and design services, as well as traffic engineering services to produce a Sector Plan for the West Annapolis neighborhood.

A market analysis and public work session is expected to kick off the project this spring, followed by a traffic study later this summer. The project will eventually coordinate the marketing analysis along with the traffic study and public input.

The transportation component of the plan will focus on a way to better understand and manage US Route 50 overflow traffic. It also will address circulation and safety analysis of West Annapolis streets.  

The area included in the sector study is along the intersection of Rowe Boulevard and Taylor Avenue and the commercial sections of West Annapolis along Ridgely and Melvin Avenues.

The area is bounded by Weems Creek to the Northwest and the Wardour neighborhood to the North/Northeast; it encompasses the MD Route 450, Gate 8 of the United States Naval Academy, and Annapolis Street intersections to the East, and the Rowe Blvd. intersections at Taylor Avenue and Forbes Avenue to the South/Southeast.