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Central Permitting Offers One-Stop Permitting Option

Annapolis, MD (1-17-13) As part of his ongoing commitment to streamlining the permit process, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announces the opening of the City's new one-stop-shop called Central Permitting, located at 145 Gorman Street. The mayor officially opened the new office today during a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

In an effort to make City Hall more user-friendly and efficient, Mayor Cohen began a year-long departmental reorganization that included moving the Department of Environmental and Neighborhood Programs (DNEP) from the second floor of City hall to 145 Gorman Street.  

The move co-locates all permitting, inspections, and the Fire Marshal, as well as planning and zoning functions under one roof.  

“The creation of Central Permitting advances our priority of making the City an easy and efficient place to do business,” Mayor Cohen said. "By co-locating these resources under one roof, we are better able to close the gaps in the approval process. This step, along with the recent actions we have taken to streamline the administrative hearing process, goes a long way towards making City Hall more customer-friendly, making the approval process more predictable, and reducing the time and money it takes for the applicant."

The first phase of relocation, which began February 8th of 2012, included moving the Office of Law and the City Clerk’s office from the third floor of 145 Gorman Street to 93 Main Street. The City moved DNEP to the space vacated by the Office of Law and City Clerk’s office in August 2012. DNEP’s new home is on the same floor as the Office of Planning and Zoning, which is also new home for the Fire Marshal’s office, previously located at the Forest Drive Fire Station. The Department of Public Works remains on the second floor of the Gorman building. 

“We are enhancing our services while reducing the amount of time spent on the permit process,” DNEP Director Maria Broadbent said. “The creation of Central Permitting allows us to focus on the customer and streamlines the permit process by housing the key players all under one roof.”  

The next phase of office reorganization is currently underway and includes moving the Mayor’s Office and the City Manager to the second floor of City Hall into DNEP’s old office space.

The final phase, anticipated to take place in the spring of 2013, involves the Office of Law moving back into City Hall in the space vacated on the first floor by the mayor and city manager.