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Clean and Green City Initiative Focuses on Fighting Grime

As part of his Clean and Green City Initiative, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen is focusing on the City’s core services to beautify the City, both on land and on sea.

For example on land:
•    City DPW crews sweep 30 miles of downtown streets daily
•    We have been repairing brick sidewalks to the tune of 3,196 bricks reset on 13 downtown streets
•    Curbs, both red and yellow, are being repainted – 13,425 feet of red curb and 723 feet of yellow.

•    Freshly painted lamp posts, traffic lights, sign posts, bicycle racks

•    Weed control is handled daily along 29 streets in central business district.

On sea:•    Harbormaster Staff carry nets and trash bags on our patrol boats and pumpout boat pick up floating trash as they go about our harbor patrols.
•    Harbormaster boats also tow drift logs out of the public waterways for shore side disposal.
•    Public Works has nets to clean-out along the sides and in the corners of Market Slip (Ego Alley) where it is difficult for the boats to safely go.
•    Were getting our citizens involved too - Several live-aboard boaters in Annapolis harbor voluntarily pick up trash and debris as they commute to and from their boat-homes.  Over the last few years several of these have also been Harbormaster employees.
•    Harbormaster administers a State fund to remove derelict boats, debris and flotsam from public beaches, shores, docks and waterways.

The City has also acquired a new high pressure cleaning system called the GumBuster. 

The GumBuster machine uses 4-8 gallons of water per day without disrupting normal business operations, compared to power washing, which can use up to 8,000 gallons of water per day.   It mixes high temperature water with a biodegradable detergent to breakdown the substance. While it devours gum, the GumBuster process is gentle to the sidewalk surface and safe for the environment. It is extremely effective and yet completely non-toxic.

The City purchased the equipment for $6,000 and the training on the operations and maintenance of the GumBuster machine for 16 City employees was included in the cost.