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Future Snow Events Call for Additional Resources

Annapolis, MD (11-5-12) In preparation for the upcoming winter, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen has directed the Department of Public Works to secure additional manpower and equipment to assist City crews in handling major snow events.

“Public Works Director David Jarrell is putting together a list of local companies to support City staff and ensure that we are well positioned to mount a full-court press in the event of another major blizzard,” Mayor Cohen said. “In 2012, Snowmaggedon shut down the city for days and was devastating to local merchants.  Forecasters are predicting an above-normal snowfall again this year, so we are doing everything we can to be prepared.” 

The Department of Public Works is putting out a call for companies with the following types of equipment:

Type lll Snow Truck 
•    Single Axle Dump Truck with plow 
•    5 - 8 Ton Capacity Body 
•    Rear Salt Spreader
Type ll Snow Truck

•    Tandem or Tri Axle Dump Truck w/Plow 
•    10 - 14 Ton Capacity Body 
•    Rear Salt Spreader

All companies that are interested in working with the City during snow events should contact Robert Couchenour at 410-263-7967.