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Hurricane Sandy Advisory #5

High Wind Warning in Effect for Annapolis

Annapolis, MD (10-29-12) Mayor Joshua J. Cohen urges residents to take advantage of today to prepare for the gusty winds and heavy rains associated with Sandy as she moves steadily north along the Eastern Seaboard. 

The storm’s current track is expected to bring high winds to the region Monday morning through Tuesday evening. However, refuse and recycling will be picked up on Monday as usual. City officials and Bates will determine tomorrow whether collection will take place on Tuesday.

A High Wind Warning remains in effect from 8:00 a.m. Monday to 8:00 pm. Tuesday.
The timing of the system has wind gusts of more than 45 mph beginning by 8:00 a.m. Monday and wind gusts of 60 to 65 mph continuing on Monday afternoon into Tuesday.

The impact is a prolonged and significant 24-to-36 hour-long high wind event. This, coupled with heavy rain from Sandy, could cause significant tree damage. Residents, visitors, and businesses across the region should plan for widespread power outages.

Residents in low-lying areas should have an evacuation plan if they decide to leave.

The Annapolis Office of Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management opened its Call Center today at noon. The Center is a phone line for non-emergency inquiries. The number is 410-260-2211.

The mayor reminds citizens to not panic, but be prepared. Here are some reminders of how to plan for the next few days.

  • Prepare a Survival Kit;
  • Have a plan; and
  • Stay informed.

Survival Kit…. Staying home

One week of non-perishable food 
One gallon of water per person for up to seven days 
Medication and special needs equipment 
Additional water and supplies for pets 
Manual can opener 
Portable battery operated or hand-crank radio and flashlight 
Light sticks and battery operated lanterns (no candles) 
Extra batteries 
Infant and child necessities 
First Aid kit


Have a Plan

Have a secondary location if you choose to evacuate 
Have a family communications plan and let family and/or friends know where you plan to relocate. 
Fuel up your vehicle in case an evacuation is ordered. 
Know how to turn off utilities at the main valves or switches if instructed by authorities. 
Follow official evacuation routes if evacuation is ordered.


Stay Informed

Stay tuned to radio or TV for updates. 
Visit for additional information