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Hurricane Sandy Advisory #1

Hurricane Sandy Threatens Annapolis-Mayor Urges Residents to Prepare

Annapolis, MD (10-26-12) Mayor Joshua J. Cohen is urging residents to prepare for Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to bring high winds and heavy rain to the area early next week. 

The current coordinates as of  8:00 a.m. on Friday, October 26, has the storm located at 26.4°N / 76.9°W or 480 miles from Charleston, South Carolina with maximum sustained of 80 mph. Sandy is moving NW at 10 mph and its minimum pressure is  970 mb / 28.64 inches.

“The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management is monitoring the storm closely so we can make important decisions to ensure the safety of our citizens,” said Mayor Cohen. “At this point, the best thing we can all do is prepare residents and businesses.”

With gusty winds and heavy rain expected, residents should make sure they have the following items available:

  • First aid kit and essential medications
  • Canned food and can opener
  • At least 3 gallons of water per person
  • Protective clothing, rain-gear, and bedding or sleeping bags
  • Battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries
  • Special items for infants, elderly, or disabled family members
  • Written instructions for how to turn off electricity, gas and water if authorities advise you to do so (remember, a professional should turn them back on)
  • Identify where you could go if told to evacuate. Choose several places; a friend's home in another town, a hotel/motel, or a shelter
  • Make sure to charge your cell phone.
Keep generator safety in mind and never use a generator indoors.  Use battery operated lanterns and light sticks instead of candles.  
Always check on family, friends and neighbors who may need assistance in emergencies.  The better prepared you are at home, the better prepared you will be to assist the community in a major emergency.

For more preparedness information, go to Annapolis Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management.  The City will also have all updated information posted on the home page at