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Hurricane Sandy - Advisory #2

Sandbags Available Saturday, October 27

Annapolis, MD (10-26-12) Mayor Joshua J. Cohen is announcing that sand and bags will be available to residents and businesses on Saturday, October 27 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The bags will need to be filled and will be located at the south end of Market Space near the Market House and adjacent to Memorial Circle.

Approximately 20 tons of sand will be available. Residents will be allowed five bags and businesses will be allowed ten bags. Vehicles can pull around behind the Market House where parking spots along Market Space will be reserved for vehicles to park while citizens fill up the sandbags.

City officials will be checking identification to ensure that all individuals picking up the bags and sand are Annapolis residents or business owners.  While this is a courtesy offered to Annapolis citizens, Sand bags are available for purchase from local hardware and home improvement stores.

The Annapolis Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management continue to watch the storm’s path and City Public Works crews continue to conduct the following services to prepare the City:

·        Cleaned all storm drain inlets

·        Sharpened all chain saws and ensured that extra blades are available

·        Filled all emergency generators’ fuel tanks

·        All pumps were started to make sure that they are in working order

·        All fuel tanks in vehicles filled

·        Fuel tanks (both diesel & regular) are being topped off today 

·        Portable stop signs being loaded on a vehicle (in case of power outages)

·        Battery-backup traffic signals will be tested

·        Navy flags and US flags downtown being removed

The City opened the Annapolis dam valve completely to drop the level as low as possible by the end of today.  The City will operate the valve as needed over the weekend.