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City Working to Ensure Safety of Children Walking to School

Annapolis, MD (8-15-12) With Annapolis students heading  back to school later this month, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and Police Chief Michael Pristoop are reaching out to Redspeed, the company contracted by the City for automated speed enforcement, to assess and identify potentially dangerous school zones.

“Our goal is to improve safety around school zones," Mayor Cohen said. “Annapolis has many walkable neighborhoods, but speeding complaints are common, particularly near routes that kids use regularly.  These cameras will help deter speeding near schools and improve safety for our kids."
Redspeed will conduct speed studies on City roads and will work with Annapolis Police to identify areas of concern consistent with the law. Once the areas are chosen, the City will publish the information.  Redspeed will also work on the application and permit process for county and state roads within the City that are identified as potential school zones for enforcement.   

“Preventing accidents in our school zones is our focus,” said Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop.  “Automated speed enforcement will enable us to redirect our resources and to patrol other areas while at the same time address school zones with the greatest risk of accidents.”

It is expected that the speed studies will take a few weeks, and the City will not know the number of cameras needed for enforcement purposes until the studies are concluded. The anticipated installation date for the cameras is in early November. 
“This action was supported by the Public Safety Committee and later approved by the City Council,” said Public Safety Committee Chair and Alderwoman Sheila Finlayson. “The committee worked closely with APD to educate the Council on the need for enforcement in and around our school zones.”

Once the cameras are in place, the City will only conduct enforcement in the announced areas and at specific times allowed by law.  Once the equipment is operational in Annapolis, the City will issue warnings for 30 days prior to issuing citations.