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New Business Helps Locals Plan for the Future

Annapolis, MD (8-10-12) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen and Annapolis Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) President and CEO Lara Fritts are pleased to welcome NTS-Bearing LLC, a full-service wealth management firm, to Annapolis. 

The firm, located at 61 Cornhill Street, offers a private family office model. Owner Nilos T. Sakellariou oversees all interactions within the office and personally attends to all client investment issues. 

“Annapolis is proud to be a City of diverse businesses that cater to individual needs,” Mayor Cohen said. “It is part of our ability to reach out and connect with the community and part of our enduring appeal.”

Mr. Sakellariou’s clients receive individualized service and unwavering attention to detail. For more than twenty years, Mr. Sakellariou has assisted local families achieve their financial goals, preserve their wealth, and build lasting legacies for future generations and loved ones.  

“Mr. Sakellariou’s hands-on approach is something we all need when it comes to understanding and planning for our future,” said AEDC President Lara Fritts. 

His experience and extensive licensing allows for the creation of client portfolios which go well beyond simple stocks and bonds.

To learn more, go to  or call 410-263-1313.