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Fleet Street Open to Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic

Annapolis, MD (6-22-12) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announced that the fence on Fleet Street, at 26 Market Space, opened today at 1:00 p.m. to accommodate pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

“My number one priority during this process was to ensure public safety,” said Mayor Cohen. “I made it clear that as soon as we got word that the wall was not an imminent danger, we needed to open the street and support those businesses and residents affected by its closure. I am glad that we were able to open the street while the property owner takes the necessary measures to stabilize the wall.”

The fence was moved as a result of an engineer's report, received late Thursday, June 21, indicating the wall adjacent to Fleet Street is not presenting an imminent danger to pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

In a letter dated June 21 from the Structural Engineering firm Keast & Hood Co. to the City of Annapolis, Jon Tung wrote:

“We have no objections to re-opening Fleet Street to allow the passage of the single lane of vehicular traffic. Because permanent stabilization of the wall to resist code prescribed loads is ongoing, we recommend monitoring of the wall and blocking off the area immediately adjacent to the North side of the building from public access until permanent stabilization efforts are complete.  This may be accomplished by relocating the existing chain link fence approximately eleven feet to the South, to align with the parallel parking spaces.”

The building owner has taken measures to stabilize the Fleet Street wall from the interior and a permit has been issued for the work required by the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) demolition by neglect order.

The street was originally closed on April 13 and reopened to pedestrian traffic on April 21.

“Our downtown residents welcome the reopening of lower Fleet Street,” Ward One Resident Association President Joe Budge. “The temporary tight turn from Cornhill onto Fleet that had been in use was damaging both vehicles and buildings.  We are delighted vehicles will be able to pass through Fleet Street onto Market Space once again.”