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Mayor and AEDC President Embark on Trade Mission

Mayor and AEDC President Embark on Trade Missionat the World's Largest Gathering of Retail Real Estate Professionals

Annapolis, MD (5-18-12) At the request of the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen will attend the Retail Real Estate Convention (RECon) with 20 targeted meetings scheduled during the three and ½ day event.  The event is held annually in Las Vegas and is scheduled this year from Saturday, May 19 through Wednesday, May 23. 
The convention brings together more than 1,000 companies representing retailers, leasing agents, brokers, developers, architects, designers, economic development agencies and public sector professionals.  Last year, AEDC President and CEO Lara Fritts attended and brought back nine solid prospects, three of which had or have letters of intent with the City.  

The process to bring a new retail concept to a jurisdiction can potentially take four years from the initial meeting to store opening.  For this reason, most economic development agencies that attend RECon invite their mayor, county executive or governor to be part of the delegation.  The opportunity for a prospect to dialogue face-to-face with the jurisdiction’s chief executive makes for a more effective visit. 

“Economic Development is a top priority for the City of Annapolis,” Mayor Cohen said.  “This conference provides the best opportunity to meet one-on-one with targeted retailers and business professionals with the goal of retaining, expanding and attracting businesses that are a good fit for Annapolis and our economy.”

The Annapolis delegation, made up of the Mayor and AEDC President and CEO Lara Fritts, will be joined by local businesspersons Carl Behler, Harvey and Mimi Blonder, John Stamato, John Horn, T.J. Mulrenin, Elisabeth Szollosi, Nate Betnun, Bill Greenfield, Steven Hyatt, Walt Petrie, Alan Hyatt and Scott Douglas. 

“The Retail Real Estate Convention is an appointment driven convention and we are scheduled to meet with industry-leading retailers, developers, restaurants and brokers,” AEDC’s Lara Fritts said. “There are more than 1,500 registered public sector attendees at the convention and they are our competition. We need to be where the competition is.”

The AEDC is footing the cost for the Mayor to travel and attend the Trade Mission which is approximately $1900. The money is allocated in the AEDC budget and is part of the Corporation’s strategic marketing plan for recruiting, retaining and expanding business.

Mayor Cohen has designated Alderman Ross Arnett to serve as Acting Mayor from noon on Saturday, May 20 through 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 23.