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APD Media Release 05/18/12 - Heroin Seizure

Large Heroin Seizure by Annapolis Officers 

On May 14, 2012 at 4:40 p.m. Annapolis police officers seized a large amount of heroin during a traffic stop in the 1100 block of Medgar Evers St. 


Officers patrolling the area stopped a bright green Lincoln for traffic violations and discovered that the driver, Deon Matthews, 20, of Annapolis had a suspended license.  The passenger, Demarrow Williams, 19, of Annapolis, had three outstanding bench warrants and a prescription for Oxycodone written to another person in his pocket.  Through the officer’s investigation it was discovered that the prescription had been stolen from the doctor.  Williams was charged with theft, possession of CDS paraphernalia, forgery of a prescription, issuing a forged prescription, and possessing a forged prescription. 


An unlabeled pill bottle containing Percocet and a digital scale were found in the vehicle, so Matthews was charged with possession of CDS and CDS paraphernalia, and removing the label from a prescription.


While investigating the traffic stop, Darla Howard, 29, of Annapolis approached officers to retrieve keys to her rental vehicle from the vehicle the officers initially stopped.  Howard’s rental vehicle, a grey Chevrolet parked near the traffic stop, was found to have 83.1 grams of heroin in the trunk.  The approximate street value of the heroin is $16,000.  Howard was arrested and charged with possession of narcotics with intent to distribute (large amount), and possession of CDS.


Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop commended officers for the seizure saying, “Their attention to detail and dedication during this ‘routine’ traffic stop lead them to discovering this large amount of heroin.  As a result the officers ensured this heroin will not be sold on the streets of Annapolis or anywhere else.” 


"Although crime remains at an historic low in our town, we are continuing to be as vigilant and pro-active as ever," Mayor Cohen said. "This major bust reaffirms the clear message that Annapolis has no tolerance for illegal drug activity or for the corrosive impact it has on neighborhoods. I applaud APD for a job well done."


"Our streets are considerably safer thanks to the recent work by the Annapolis Police Department," Ward Four Alderwoman and Public Safety Committee Chair Sheila Finlayson said. "This type of diligent policing sends a strong message that illegal drug activity will not be tolerated in the City."

Both vehicles were seized for forfeiture, as well as a total of $2141 in currency.