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Decision on 26 Market Space Made at HPC Meeting

Annapolis, MD (5-14-12) Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announced that 26 Market Space, LLC is responsible for stabilizing the historic Factor’s Row property and has been given one month to complete the first phase of stabilization work.  

The ruling approving the temporary exterior shoring for the 18th-century Fleet Street wall was made Friday at a Historic Preservation Commission Special Meeting.  This decision followed a recommendation made by the HPC to the Mayor on Tuesday, May 8 to find the property in violation of the Demolition by Neglect provision of the Annapolis Historic District Zoning ordinance.  

Dana Florestano, owner of 26 Market Space, agreed to adopt a shoring and stabilization plan that includes steel reinforcing bracing and masonry repair work on the Fleet Street historic walls. He also agreed that the 3rd floor rear wall will be retained, shored and repaired.

“It is untenable to keep Fleet Street closed to traffic and for this historic building to remain vacant and in disrepair indefinitely,” Mayor Cohen said.  ”I applaud the collaborative efforts of the Historic Preservation Commission, City staff and the property owner for setting in motion a clear process and timeline for resolving this in short order.”

Mr. Florestano agreed to begin the work before June 4 and complete the project, which includes road openings and normal traffic flow in the area, no later than June 14. In addition, he agreed that all long term work would be complete by August 31, 2012 and the exterior shoring and scaffolding would be removed by that time.

Lisa Craig, Chief of Historic Preservation, worked with Mr. Florestano and the tenant, Bruce Gardner of Factor’s Row, LLC, to develop a solution that would ensure the preservation of this last colonial-era feature of the Wallace, Davidson, and Johnson Building.  “The Historic Preservation Commission, led by Chairman Sharon Kennedy, sees this property as critical to the integrity of the Annapolis National Historic Landmark District,” Ms. Craig said.  “Chairman Kennedy called three hearings on the property within a period of 10 days in order to quickly resolve the issue of public safety while promoting a non-demolition approach to the structural problems.  The owner presented a credible plan for completing the rehabilitation project and bringing this long-vacant historic property back into service.”