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For parking information please contact the City's Parking Management contractor, Towne Park at


Parking Upgrades For Annapolis!!

To better serve our citizens, the Annapolis Dept. of Transportation has installed new parking meters throughout the City. These meters were installed on or about July 22, 2013. 

These new meters have digital information screens and will accept coins or credit cards for your convenience. Please follow this link for more information.

We are also offering a new valet service Downtown called "Park Easy". This will help utilize space Downtown by opening up 60 new spaces and will help with the flow of traffic as people look for places to park. 

You can also park at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium and take the State Shuttle downtown.


If you are a state employee and have a valid state photo ID, you can ride for free (Valid Monday thru Friday).

If you park at the stadium, and are not state employees, the bus stop is outside of the Central Business District and the fare is $2.00.

Parking on the street in restricted residential zones as well as at metered spaces is subject to frequent patrol by uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers.

For Residents

  • The most convenient locations for long-term parking is the City's parking garages at Park Place and Knighton Garage where you can park all day for only $10.00. From these garages you can hop onto the Circulator bus for free.

To Reserve On Street Parking Spaces

To reserve an on street parking space you must fill out the application below and mail it to:

ATTN: Debra Colbert-Tubaya
City of Annapolis
Transportation Department
308 Chinquapin Round Road
Annapolis MD, 21401

You can also send it as an e-mail attachment to, or Fax it to 1-410-263-4508.

Once we receive the request form we will send a response to let you know how much the reservation will cost. You must have payment in to ADOT before the date of the space reservation or your signs will not be posted.

The Annapolis Department of Transportation Non-Discrimination Policy

Annapolis Transit is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in or denied the benefits of the transit services Annapolis Transit offers. This policy is consistent with the requirements of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Additional information may be obtained from the Annapolis Department of Transportation.
If you believe you have been subjected to unequal treatment because of race, color, religion, sex. age, or national origin, then you have the right to file a formal complaint.
Complaints may be filed within one hundred-eighty (180) days following the date of the alleged discriminatory action. Complaints may be submitted by mail, telephone, or e-mail to:
Richard A. Newell, Director
Department of Transportation, City of Annapolis, 308 Chinquapin Round Road, Annapolis, MD 21401
              Phone: 410-263-7964               E-mail: