Memorial Tree and Bench Program

Memorial Bench Burnside Park

Annapolis Recreation and Parks has a unique memorial program to honor and remember friends and relatives. The Memorial Tree and Bench Program encourages the purchase of a young tree or park bench to be placed in a park or open space area within the City of Annapolis to honor a special occasion or remembrance that adds beauty to the landscape for countless generations to enjoy.Memorial Tree

Whether a tree or bench is selected, the donor will work with the Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department to have it planted or installed. If the donor chooses, a card of acknowledgment will be sent to the recipient’s family advising that their loved one has been memorialized or honored in this special way. A photo and description of the location will be included. As an option, the name of the loved one can be engraved on a plaque.

Please contact Marisa Wittlinger at for current pricing.

Memorial Tree and Bench Program Brochure

Memorial Tree at PMRCTo the right:  The names of loved ones are engraved to plaques and put on the symbolic Memorial Tree located in the foyer of the Roger W. "Pip" Moyer Community Recreation Center.