Street Paving Schedule

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The City of Annapolis completes an annual street resurfacing project each summer.  Streets are chosen for resurfacing based on the condition of the street, average daily traffic and engineering judgment.  The City's street management system uses a Pavement Rating System* to assess the condition of the streets. Here, you will find links to alphabetical documents for the current schedule.
  1. Click on the letter of the alphabet that pertains to a street name.
  2. By clicking on the paving map to the right, you'll be able to view it in a larger scale.

The Paving Schedule is to be used as a guide and is subject to change based upon the available budget and conditions above.

*In 2009, the City of Annapolis, through a third-party agency, conducted a pavement evaluation on each street segment that the City maintains. Based on the results of this evaluation, each segment was assigned a remaining road surface life (RSL).