Street Paving Schedule


Pavement Condition Assessment

Every four years, the Department of Public Works assesses the condition of all City owned and maintained streets using an independent paving consultant.  After the condition assessment is completed, each street segment is assigned a value for “Remaining Service Life”, which indicates how soon the street segment should be resurfaced.  Unfortunately, there are always more streets requiring resurfacing than funding available to address them.

Prioritizing Process

The Department of Public Works considers a number of factors when determining the highest priority streets for resurfacing.  The two most important factors are the “Remaining Service Life” and the traffic volume (average daily traffic) of the street.  To maximize the benefits of the paving program, the City prioritizes the streets with the lowest remaining service life and the highest average daily traffic.  The City then takes into account the recently completed work and the plans for future work, including both municipal and utility work.  Finally, the City attempts to geographically group streets in need of repair. Each year’s list is finalized, pending budget approvals.

Projected Maintenance List

The following Three-Year Paving Schedule lists the streets that have been identified for repair in 2015, 2016, and 2017.