Street Listing - M

This listing is not to be used for jurisdictional boundary determination. It is for informative purposes only.   

Residential Refuse Schedule Instructions

To locate your City of Annapolis refuse collection schedule, click on the letter that your street name begins with. If you do not find your street listed here, perhaps you are located in the Anne Arundel County jurisdiction.

An "X" in a column designates that the City of Annapolis provides that service. "SHA" = State Highway Administration.

ROUTE SCHEDULES (Updated Jan 5, 2015)




Street Listing
Route Street Name
(Information in parentheses show definition
for refuse pickup only)
Snow Removal Refuse Pick-up Maintenance Ward
TUE Madison Court X X City 8
TUE Madison Place X X City 1
TUE Madison Street X X City Addresses with
even #'s 1220 to
1228 are in
Ward 6
#'s 908 to 1044
and odd #'s 1221
to 1229 are
in Ward 8
MON Main Street X X City 1
TUE Maple Avenue X X City 2
  Marcs Court     Private 6
THUR Marda Lane X X City 6
FRI Margaret Avenue X X City 3
MON Market Street X X City 1
MON Market Space X X City 1
  Martha Court     Private 6
MON Martin Street X X City 1
MON Maryland Avenue X X City 1
  Maybaugh Lane     Private 5
THUR McDonough Road X X City 2
FRI McGuckian Street from Southwood to Legion X X City 3
FRI McKendree Avenue X X City 3
THUR McKinley Street X X City 6
MON Meares Court X X City 4
THUR Medgar Evers Street X X City 6
  Melrob Court X X City/Private 7
TUE Melrose Street (old) X X City 2
TUE Melrose Street (new) (Windmill Hills)   X Private 2
THUR Melvin Avenue X X City 2
  Memorial Circle (City Dock) (SHA#2735)     City 1
  Merle Court     Private Apts. 4
MON Merryman Road X X City 4
MON Merryman Court X X Private 4
TUE Miami Avenue X X Private 8
THUR Middle Street X X City 3
  Milford Place     Private 5
MON Milkshake Lane   X Private 5
TUE Miller Road  
 X Private 2
TUE Mills Way   X City 2
  Mini Court     Private 3
TUE Mitchell Street X X City 8
  Mizzen Court     Private 7
  Monroe Road     Private 2
THUR Monroe Street X X City 8
THUR Monterey Avenue X X City 2
MON Monticello Avenue X X City 1
TUE Monument Street X Single Family Only City/Private 2
FRI Mooring Point Court X X City 7
  Moreland Parkway X   City 3
MON Morris Street X X City 1
TUE Moss Haven Court X X City 8
  Muirwood Court X   Private 5
TUE Munroe Court X X City 1
MON Murray Avenue X X City 1