Commercial Recycling

City of Annapolis Commercial Recycling Program

Reduce your amount of refuse and save money.

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Metal Paper Plastic Glass
aluminum cans
tin/steel cans
empty aerosol cans
aluminum foil/pans

wrapping paper
telephone books
books (hard or soft)
shredded paper
printer paper
boxes (cereal, pizza)
milk, juice cartons
plastic bags*
plastic wrap*
plastic cups, plates
plastic utensils
plastic buckets
storage totes
plastic flower pots
plastic toys
plastic bottles, jars
tubs and trays
glass bottles
glass jars

Styrofoam - The City of Annapolis does not accept Styrofoam products or peanuts.

*Please bundle plastic bags and wrap together in one bag.
No loose bags should be placed in the bin.

For more information, you may also call 410-263-7949.

Pricing Structure

Number of 32-Gallon Containers Annual Fee
1 $169.00
2 $234.50
3 $299.00
4 $364.00