Speed and Red Light Cameras

Safe Schools Speed Zones

Violators are sent fines through the mail.

The City of Annapolis has three speed enforcement cameras that can be positioned in school zones throughout the city. These school zones are marked with signs indicating speed is photo enforced in those areas. The City of Annapolis hopes to reduce motor vehicle accidents and increase pedestrian safety surrounding schools. The fine amount for an automated speeding citation is $40 (no points are assessed by MVA). For vehicles found to be in violation a citation is mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner. The speed cameras are managed through RedSpeed USA.

Speed Camera Hours of Operation: 6am to 8pm Monday through Friday all year.

Payment Information

Fines may be paid online at https://secure.SpeedViolation.com or mailed to Lockbox, 75 Remittance Drive, Suite 3298, Chicago, IL 60675-3298. For payment related questions, please call RedSpeed at 866-566-3957 between 9am and 4pm (EST).

How to clear an MVA flag for an unpaid Annapolis speed camera violation from your vehicle registration.

Between 9am and 4pm (EST) go to your nearest open MVA Office, get the fax number for that MVA Office.  Call RedSpeed at 866-566-3957and pay the fine with a credit card. Give the RedSpeed operator the fax number and they will fax the completed MVA form to that MVA Office allowing the flag to be immediately lifted.

You can also clear the flag by paying the fine during normal business hours in person in cash, money order, or cashier's check at the City of Annapolis's Finance Department located at City Hall, 160 Duke of Gloucester St. You must have your citation number and vehicle registration. You will be provided with a completed MVA form to clear the flag from the registration. You will then have to take that form to the MVA.

Locations of Safe Schools Speed Zones

Aleph Bet Jewish Day School
001 to 300 block of Hilltop La
1000 to 1100 block of Spa Rd

Annapolis Middle School
1300 to 1800 block of Forest Dr

Eastport Elementary School
300 to 400 block of Sixth St
400 to 500 block of Chesapeake Av
400 to 500 block of Severn Av

Georgetown East Elementary School
001 to 200 block of Victor Pkwy
001 to 100 block of Cypress Rd
001 to 200 block of Dogwood Rd
001 to 200 block of Alder Rd
Phoenix Academy
800 to 1500 block of Cedar Park Rd
200 to 300 block of Windell Av
1600 to 1800 block of Poplar Av

Mills Parole Elementary School
100 to 500 block of Chinquapin Round Rd
1900 to 2000 block of Forest Dr
1800 to 1900 block of Drew St

St. Mary’s Elementary and High School
001 to 200 block of Duke of Gloucester St

Tyler Heights Elementary School
Janwall St from Tyler Av to Woods Dr
900 to 1000 block of Forest Hills Av

West Annapolis Elementary School
400 to 700 block of Melvin Av
400 to 600 block of Monterey Av
100 block of Tucker St
100 to 200 block of Annapolis St

Speed Enforcement Camera Program Contact: Captain Cynthia Howard, 410-268-9000choward@annapolis.gov

If you believe your citation was issued in error, please contact the Speed Enforcement Camera Ombudsman:  Captain Scott Williams, 410-268-9000, sdwilliams@annapolis.gov

Red Light Cameras

Intersection Monitored by a Red Light Camera in the City of Annapolis:
Rt. 665 at Chinquapin Round Road

Payment Information:
City of Annapolis Red Light Enforcement
P.O. Box 262
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712

​Fines may be paid in person at the Finance Office in City Hall at 160 Duke of Gloucester Street. Cash Only.
Cpl. D. Daniels