Citizen Fingerprinting

QUESTIONS?  If you have any questions about fingerprinting please contact Kathleen Buchanan at 410-268-9000 or ​  ​

The Annapolis Police Department fingerprinting hours of operation: 

         Every Monday evening from 5 p.m.until 8 p.m.

You  must bring the following with you:

  1. The ORI of the agency or company requesting you to be fingerprinted

  2. The Authorization number of the agency or company requesting you to be fingerprinted.

  3. A check or money order made out to the Annapolis Police Department.  We will not accept cash from you.

  4. You must completely fill out the LiveScan Pre-Registration Application before coming to be fingerprinted.

  5. Government issued ID is required.

 If you do not have all of the above items, you will not be fingerprinted. 


City Fee


State Fee






Annapolis Police Department will do ink cards at your request, but you must provide the cards and the fee is $20.00 per card.

Fingerprinting is conducted on a walk in basis.  Please be advised that you may experience a wait or may not be able to be fingerprinted at all due to the availability of the equipment.  We have one LiveScan machine and officers processing arrested subjects take priority.  For a list of commercial fingerprinting services please visit  

LOCATION:  Fingerprinting is conducted at Annapolis Police Department located at 199 Taylor Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401.