Career opportunities for women at Annapolis Police Department

The Real Women Police Officers of Annapolis

Since 1973, when the first female police officer was hired by the Annapolis Police Department, women have been playing an important role in law enforcement in the City of Annapolis.

Women have risen to the rank of Captain, the third highest rank in the police department, and served in almost every division and unit inside the department.  Women have served in Patrol, Narcotics, K-9, Flex, Bike, Criminal Investigations, Community Services, Internal Affairs, Education and Training, SWAT team, and Honor Guard.  Opportunities for women police officers are unlimited at Annapolis Police Department.

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

Help Protect the City

The Annapolis Police Department actively seeks to hire qualified women for positions as police officers.  Starting salary for entry level police officers is $48,425 and entry level officers receive yearly pay increases for the first seven years, then at 10, 12, and 15 years.  There are many benefits to working for Annapolis Police Department including a supportive work environment, family-friendly work policies, and a variety of training and work opportunities.  If you would enjoy solving problems in your community, a high degree of independence, never having a “boring” day, and using communication and problem solving to de-escalate situations this is the job for you.

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