West Annapolis Sector Study

The Study

West Annapolis was identified in the Annapolis Comprehensive Plan (2009) as one of four “Opportunity Areas” with good potential for additional mixed commercial and residential development. This sector study will look at these potential uses as well as how to improve traffic flow and safety in the neighborhood. The goals of the study are to identify the next steps for the following work:

  • Preserve community character and improve viability of the West Annapolis business district and residential community
  • With a market analysis, assess the development potential of this area and anticipate likely development pressure
  • Review current zoning of the area and recommend changes to zoning to bring area in line with the recommendations of the Comprehensive Plan, pending results of market analysis
  • Create a strategy for managing intra-regional traffic patterns resulting from US 50 congestion, State Capitol legislative session activity, visitor and tourist traffic, and other “traffic surge” events
  • Improve efficiency of the circulation network by all modes of transportation in the West Annapolis sector of the city
  • Improve safety for pedestrians and bicycle riders in the West Annapolis sector
  • Create a strategy for the creation of a community park that could serve as a gathering place that creates a recognizable focal point for the West Annapolis Village.

Next Steps

Adoption Schedule:
Oct. 27, 2014: Plan introduced at City Council, referred to Planning Commission.
Nov 6, 2014: Planning Commission Public Hearing
March 23, 2015: Amended plan sent out for review
July 2, 2015: Update on the plan for Planning Commission. 
September 3, 2015: Planning Commission Public Hearing (7 pm) on amended plan 
October 2015: City Council Public Hearing
October 2015: Referred to Council Committees

Amended West Annapolis Sector Study August 20, 2015 
West Annapolis Sector Study Appendices August 2015
Changes from the ​2014 Draft are summarized in the August Staff Report

Amended West Annapolis Sector Study March 2015 Draft

West Annapolis Sector Study September 2014 Draft


Public Workshops

The second public workshop was held December 4, 2013 at 7 pm in the Taylor Avenue Fire Station, located at the corner of Taylor Avenue and Ridgely.

Workshop Two Presentation

The first of two public workshops was held June 24, 2013. To see the presentation, click below.

Preliminary Data

Previous Work and Background Information

Previous studies of West Annapolis have looked at parking and land use. They will be referred to and built on as the West Annapolis Sector Study progresses. These studies include:

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