Traffic Impact Studies

Traffic Studies and the Comprehensive Plan

The 2009 Comprehensive Plan recommends that the City uses an "area-wide" approach to the study of traffic conditions and projection of travel demand.  We are incorporating corridor studies and mobility plans into our traffic impact study guidelines for developments with greatest impact.

On-going Projects

Crystal Springs is a proposed development on Forest Drive and Spa Road. The Department of Planning and Zoning is anticipating an application for review in the upcoming months. The development team has submitted a Forest Conservation Application (eTrakIt #FCP2013-001). The City has also hired independent traffic engineers, using funds from the developer, and they have submitted a draft traffic impact study. This is still preliminary and subject to revision.

Quiet Waters Preserve is a future development on Forest Drive at Annapolis Neck Road.  The 2011 traffic impact study and appendices are attached.

The Draft Forest Drive Corridor Study (updated March 2014) uses two different models to estimate future traffic.  The first is the Synchro program that uses the Transportation Research Board's Highway Capacity Manual analysis methodology.  The second, SimTraffic analysis, is a microscopic model that looks at individual behavior characteristics.  This draft report, which is still under review, shows existing conditions and two possible future conditions depending on the improvements that can be made.