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Address: 145 Gorman Street, 3rd Floor, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Phone:    410-263-7961
Fax:        410-263-1129

•Pete Gutwald, 7783
•Lisa Craig, 7790
•Cynthia Gudenius, 7886
•Shari Pippen, 7793
•Sally Nash, 7792
•Jacquelyn Rouse, 7794
•Kevin Scott, 7795
•Tom Smith, 7797
•Theresa Wellman, 7798
•Pete Gutwald, Director,
•Lisa Craig, Chief of Historic Preservation,
•Cynthia Gudenius, ASLA, Land Use & Development Planner,
•Shari Pippen, Historic Preservation Assistant,
•Sally Nash, Ph.D., AICP, Chief of Comprehensive Planning,
•Jacquelyn Rouse, AICP, Planning Administrator,
•Kevin Scott, RLA, ASLA, Senior Planner,
•Tom Smith, ASLA, Chief of Current Planning,
•Theresa Wellman, Chief of Community Development,

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