Circulation and Traffic Analysis

The City of Annapolis has a vibrant, historic, and busy downtown area. With this vibrancy, and confluence of tourists, residents, and commuters, there are inevitable traffic conflicts.  Therefore, traffic circulation and parking strategies are a main part of the City Dock Master Plan.  The Department of Planning and Zoning, CDAC, and the master planning team have evaluated several different ways to improve traffic circulation.  This volume of work is described below:

--In support of the Master Plan, Sabra, Wang & Associates evaluated different reconfigurations of Memorial Circle, as well as origin-destination traffic coming through downtown.  Their data is presented in a technical memorandum from February 7, 2013: Annapolis City Dock Data Collection & Analysis

--On October 11, 2012, CDAC heard a presentation from the master planning team on parking strategies, and from the Annapolis Department of Transportation on what recent initiatives they have implemented to improve parking management. 

--On September 5, 2012, CDAC reviewed a memo "Annapolis City Dock Parking Strategy Technical Memorandum" from the master planning team describing different parking strategies.

--January 19, 2012: Traffic engineers from Sabra, Wang & Associates gave a public presentation, "Getting Around Downtown: Scenarios for Improvements"

--In the spring of 2011, the City began working with the traffic engineering firm Sabra, Wang & Associates and design firm Toole Design to help evaluate and alleviate traffic conflicts in the historic downtown area. The primary focus of this study was to evaluate existing safety conditions and propose short- and long-term improvements that could include changes to traffic circulation, signage, crosswalks, and other elements. The resulting study is the  Bicycle, Automotive and Pedestrian Safety Study.  




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