City Dock Planning

General Information and Resource Material

In October 2013, the City Council amended and adopted the City Dock Master Plan

The City Dock Advisory Committee (CDAC) served as the foundation for public involvement throughout this visioning and planning effort. The objectives of the CDAC were:

1. Establish the guiding principles for the use and redevelopment of the City Dock area
2. Develop and define a design plan for City Dock based on those principles
3. Encourage and coordinate public participation via a series of public events throughout the process. The CDAC will help to determine the exact nature and timing of those public events.

The CDAC presented their phase one report, "Visions and Guiding Principles" to City Council on July 21, 2011. 

Other Input

In addition to CDAC, there were other elements of this planning effort.  The Department of Planning and Zoning, which oversees the City Dock redevelopment process, held a two-day event in November 2010 to kick off public engagement. A panel from the Urban Land Institute, a national authority on land use and economic revitalization, was invited to offer a neutral assessment of the City Dock area.  Their Technical Assistance Panel made numerous recommendations for City Dock.

The Bicycle, Automotive and Pedestrian Safety Evaluation, a study commissioned by the City and undertaken by Sabra, Wang & Associates with Toole Design Group was completed in May 2011.  This study looked at traffic conflicts throughout downtown and made preliminary suggestions on how to make downtown more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  Concepts were refined further with additional traffic analysis in October 2011. The Refined Concepts and Analysis were presented to the CDAC.


Background Reference Material for City Dock Planning

  1. Map of Study Area
  2. Map of City-Owned Properties near City Dock
  3. Historic District Design Manual
  4. 2009 Comprehensive Plan City Dock Policy
  5. Excerpt from Ward One Sector Study, 1993
  6. Excerpt from Waterways and Harbor Plan, 2003
  7. Downtown Parking Map
  8. Main Street Route Reversal Study, 1994
  9. Previous Studies Timeline
  10. The Shorelines of Annapolis Market Slip research complied by CDAC member in 2010
  11. Flood Mitigation Strategies for the City of Annapolis, MD: City Dock and Eastport Area, 2011