2015 Draft Zoning Maps

It's time to update the zoning maps.
The City of Annapolis’ most recent official zoning maps are dated July 2005 and are housed in the Department of Planning and Zoning.  At this time, there are several reasons to comprehensively update these maps.  In broad terms, there are four main factors that require technical updates:

  • New State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) Tax Map Grid: SDAT produced a new parcel mapping grid in 2009.This puts the city in a square grid system making referencing much easier, but it does cause a number of alterations to the previous format for parcels and properties.
  • Changes to the mapped parcel boundaries and overall improvements in mapping accuracy: As technology develops and data collections improve, digital mapping is increasingly more accurate.
  • General updates: In order to capture rezonings approved by City Council, recently annexed parts of the City, and other changes in the parcels, such as subdivison of property, it is time to do a general update of the zoning maps.  Zoning map amendments passed by City Council since 2004 (not included in the official 2005 zoning maps) are:

--AIC Forest, LLC Property Annexation (R-19-04 Amended)
--Bowen Property Annexation (R-23-04 Revised)
--Lonergan Bus Company Property Rezoning (O-31-04)
--1244 and 1248 Tyler Ave Rezoning (O-38-04)
--The Mixed Use Height Districts (O-11-05)
--Rodgers Property Zoning (O-13-05)
--Katherine Property Zoning (O-16-05)
--The Eastport Gateway Overlay District (O-30-05)
--Annapolis Neck Zoning (O-38-05)
--Hyatt Property at Marda Ln. and Forest Dr. (O-23-06)
--1321 Forest Drive/Lowry’s Site (O-18-09)
--214 Duke of Gloucester (O-67-09)

  • Correcting minor oversights: Since the adoption of the July 2005 maps, staff in the Department of Planning and Zoning and the GIS Coordinator have found some minor ​errors made in the 2005 digitization process.
Project Schedule
July 16, 2015: First letter to affected property owners mailed
September 21, 2015: O-41-15 Introduced at City Council on First Reader O-41-15
September 22, 2015: Second letter to affected property owners mailed
November 5, 2015: Planning Commission public hearing Staff Report to PC
November 23, 2015: City Council public hearing PC Findings to CC
November - December 2015: Referred to City Council Committee
January 2016: City Council Second Reader 

Tell us what you think of the new maps:

Index Sheet

45F Wardour

45H Admiral Heights

45I West Annapolis and Admiral Heights

51A Old Solomons Island Road

51B Outer West Street

51C Inner West Street and Taylor Avenue

51D Aris T Allen Blvd

51E Aris T Allen Blvd and Forest Drive

51F Hilltop Lane and Spa Road

51H Kingsport and Katherine Annexation

51I Hilltop Lane Spa Road and Forest Drive

52D Eastport and Bembe Beach Peninsula

52A Downtown

52G Bay Ridge Avenue and Edgewood Road

52H Southeastern Edge

56C Hunt Meadows and Forest Drive

57A Bay Ridge Road and Edgewood Road

Mixed Use Height Districts

Historic District Special Height Limits

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