Prepare Me Annapolis Mobile App

Please use the navigation menu on the left hand side to learn more about our mobile app. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office at 410-216-9167.


 Where can I get this app?

This app is available for download on apple devices through the Apple Store and android devices through the Google Play Store. Please follow the links from your device in order to download:

I can’t download this app on my iPad, but was told this was available on Apple products.

When attempting to download the app on the iPad, you may receive the message “There are no results for ‘Prepare Me Annapolis’. At the top, there is a menu bar that shows apps for ‘iPad Only’ and ‘iPhone Only’. You want to make sure the ‘iPhone Only’ option is checked.

When I open the traffic function and click on ‘Road Camera’s, some of the cameras are not functioning properly.

Annapolis OEM has no control over the functionality of the traffic cameras. This feed is taken directly from MD511, which is the states mobile website for traffic. If there is a continuous problem with one of the cameras, you can let our office know and we will notify MD511.

When/How does this app update?

Updates occur whenever a change is made to the app. Updates on your phone depends on personalized phone settings. Many times updates are automatic; however, you may choose to manually update the app.