What We Do

The mission of the Small/Minority Business Enterprise Office is to provide the resources and information small, minority, and women-owned businesses need to compete for business opportunities with the City of Annapolis.

  • Serve as an advocate for minority and women-owned businesses in city contracting and procurement;
  • Provide business assistance to minority and women-owned business enterprises by responding to technical and information requests;
  • Resolve issues relating to the impact of agencies policies and regulations on minority and women-owned;
  • Serve as an information resource for minority and women-owned enterprises and state agencies;
  • Identify proactive ways for the inclusion of minority and women-owned business in city contracting opportunities;
  • Create partnerships between minority businesses and majority contractors to benefit minority businesses and economic development projects throughout the region;
  • Disseminate bid information to minority and women-owned business enterprises making them aware of opportunities;
  • Assist all departments with identifying minority and women-ownedbusiness enterprises to purchase goods and/or services;
  • Foster a positive environment for small, minority, women-owned businesses and state agencies to increase opportunities for minority business enterprises in the state’s procurement system;
  • Coordinate and participate in outreach efforts that publicize the city’s procurement opportunities;
  • Conduct aggressive outreach and recruitment for local Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) who can deliver competitive, high quality and on-time products and professional services;
  • Provide referrals for one-on-one consultation for business development (i.e. finances/loans, cash flow management, purchasing, strategic and tactical planning, quality control, marketing and sales strategies, business plans, financial management)
  • Conduct capacity business training/workshops/seminars to expand and sustain businesses such as “How to Do Business with the City of Annapolis,”
  • Work with City departments to unbundle large contracts into smaller quantity contracts.