Certified Environmental Stewards

Annapolis Certified Environmental Stewards

The following businesses have incorporated environmentally sustainable practices into their business operations. In order to be certified, they have each earned enough qualifying points from a comprehensive checklist of environmental best practices and passed a verification inspection:


Scotty’s Automotive Service* – 147 Gibralter Ave.

  • Uses secondary containment for all bulk hazardous materials.
  • Uses an aqueous (water-based) parts cleaning system.


The Georgian House Bed and Breakfast* – 170 Duke of Gloucester St.

  • All cleaning products are biodegradable, and do not contain nitrilotriacetic acid, chlorine bleach or phosphates
  • Recently made improvements to improve the B&B’s energy efficiency
  • Georgian House Bed & Breakfast

Loews Annapolis Hotel* – 126 West St.

The Westin Annapolis Hotel* – 100 Westgate Cir.

  • One of only two Westin Hotels worldwide that have fostered relationships with local farmers to provide their meat and produce needs (the other is Paris Westin)
  • Provides recycling to customers and employees.
  • www.westinannapolis.com


Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and Visitors Bureau* – 26 West St.

  • Recently renovated building featuring insulated windows and low-VOC carpeting
  • Created a garden with all native perennials to keep maintenance at a minimum
  • www.visitannapolis.org

Public Policy Partners – 48 Maryland Ave.

  • Recently replaced all light fixtures with energy efficient models, and uses natural sunlight throughout the day as a main source of light
  • Uses services from a local businessman who collects paper to shred and sell to horse farms for bedding
  • www.marylandadvocacy.com

K&B True Value* – 912 Forest Dr.

  • Sells and uses their own brand of low-VOC paint, which has VOC levels that meet Green Seal’s product standards
  • Changed lighting fixtures to more efficient fluorescents in 100% of fixtures
  • www.kbtruevalue.com


A Cook's Cafe'+- 911 Commerce Road

  • Purchase coffee and tea that is Fair Trade and/or Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Buy seafood from the Atlantic U.S waters when available
  • Established a composting regimen 
  • www.acookscafe.com

Azure Restaurant* (in the Westin Hotel) – 100 Westgate Cir.

  • Executive Chef James Barret uses honey in his recipes from two hives he keeps on the second floor roof. 
  • Azure purchases much of their meat and eggs from Ivy Neck Farms, a local and organic farm in Harwood
  • www.azureannapolis.com

b.b. Bistro* – 112A Annapolis St.

  • Purchases local eggs from a farm on the Eastern Shore that takes the bistro’s kitchen scraps to feed the chickens
  • Produces only one can of trash per week
  • www.bbbistroannapolis.com

Brian Boru +- 589 Ritchie Hwy. Severna Park, MD

  • Elimination of 99% of all plastic products used in the service of food and beverage items.
  • The bar is made with recycled oak wood from abandoned barns in Pennsylvania.
  • Bake their own bread for their use 
  • Installed 2.2 gpm faucets and aerators 
  • Participated in a Biggest Loser program to promote healthy habits among their employees
  • www.brianborupub.com

Boatyard Bar & Grill** - 400 Fourth St.

  • Donates to and participates in environmental conservation activities through non-profit organizations including 1% For The Planet, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and Coastal Conservation Association. 
  • Installed an herb garden along an adjacent building on Fourth St. for educational purposes
  • www.boatyardbarandgrill.com

Davis’ Pub* – 400 Chester Ave.

  • A neighborhood pub “Where there are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.”
  • Significantly reduced their electricity use by installing an on-demand water heater.
  • www.davispub.com

Galway Bay* – 63 Maryland Ave. 

  • Works closely with distributor to find sources of fresh, local meat and produce and trains staff on items included in their allergen-free menu.
  • Composts their food and paper waste to reduce the amount of trash output. 
  • www.galwaybaymd.com

Herrington Harbour +- 7149 Lake Shore Dr. Friendship, MD

  • Known as an eco-lifestyle marina resort.
  • Herrington Harbour North installed a system to re-use 100% of all wastewater at its Travelift wells. 
  • www.herringtonharbour.com

Herrington on the Bay+- 7151 Lake Shore Drive Rose Haven, MD

  • Participate in or sponsor voluntary environmental projects to reduce environmental impacts
  • Send waste cooking oil to a recycling facility
  • Purchased hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles for business
  • www.herringtononthebay.com

Killarney House +- 584 W. Central Ave. Davidsonville, MD

  • Works with smaller local farms to source hormone free, organic meat products.
  • Participates in the Malawi Friends Project - to bring 15 water wells to the Nkhamenya region in Africa.
  • Recycle ink-jet cartridges and cell phones 
  • Support Annapolis bakeries by purchasing their goods 
  • Incorporated a “Heart Smart” food section to their menu
  • www.killarneyhousepub.com

Lemongrass West Street** - 167 West St.

The Metropolitan Kitchen & Lounge - 169 West St.

  • The Metropolitan specializes in farm-to-table dining, sourcing their ingredients from local farms and purveyors. They incorporate sustainable, earth-friendly, grass-fed meats, and healthy food into their philosophy.
  • Most of the items on their menu contain local ingredients, and much of their beer, wine, and liquor are domestically sourced
  • www.metropolitanannapolis.com

The Rockfish* – 400 Sixth St.

  • Purchases clean energy to offset carbon emissions
  • Built an organic herb and vegetable garden on the restaurant’s roof
  • www.rockfishmd.com

Sam's Waterfront Cafe'- 2020 Chesapeake Harbor Drive

  • Purchase local wine to sell in their establishment 
  • Installed a wastewater grease recovery system 
  • Eliminated harmful chemicals and fertilizers used for landscaping and maintenance 
  • www.samsonthewaterfront.com

Skipper's Pier+- 6158 Drum Point Road Deale, MD

  • Built a herb garden at their restaurant 
  • Participate in the Oyster Recovery Partnership’s Shell Recycling Alliance 
  • Use dumpster plugs to eliminate liquid waste runoff
  • www.brianborupub.com

Vin 909 - 909 Bay Ridge Ave.

  • The kitchen in this Eastport wine café uses their own organic herbs and vegetables grown in the back garden behind the patio.
  • Executive Chef Justin Moore makes his own mozzarella, and over half of his menu items feature local ingredients.
  • www.vin909.com

The Wild Orchid Cafe

  • The menu features items with fresh, hearty, and local ingredients.
  • Serves regional favorites, steaks, game and fresh seafood.
  • www.thewildorchidcafe.com


Weems & Plath - 214 Eastern Ave. 

  • Uses biodegradable packing materials made from cornstarch, shredded recycled office paper, newspaper, and reused packing materials.
  • Has been a part of the Annapolis economy providing jobs for over 80 years.
  • www.weems-plath.com

Free technical assistance and resources referrals are a key part of the program. For more information about the Annapolis Environmental Stewardship Program, please c​all 410-263-7946.

* Re-Certified

** New

+ In conjunction with Anne Arundel County Economic Development Corporation