Certified Wildlife Community

The City of Annapolis is excited to be Certified with the National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat Program. Because Annapolis has a population of approximately 38,000, The National Wildlife Federation's (NWF) certifies communities with a similar population who earn 450 total points in categories such as education, community projects, and habitat certifications. We joined as the 71st certified community in the United States that works towards creating a wildlife-friendly city for residents and visitors to enjoy.

For more information, check out our brochure and www.nwf.org/certify.

What are the benefits?

When you certify, you receive:
  • A personalized certificate for your wildlife habitat
  • a free one-year membership for NWF and subscription to National Wildlife magazine
  • A subscription to the Wildlife Online - Habitats Edition e-newsletter
  • An optional press release for your local newspaper announcing your certification
  • Inclusion in NWF's National Registry of Habitats
  • Eligibility to order and post a "Certified WILDLIFE Habitat" yard sign to display your commitment to wildlife conservation and the environment

Photo courtesy of Erika Smith

How can you help? 

City is certified with the National Wildlife Federation. We are required to maintain our program as a part of our certification, but we need the help of our community to join our efforts by participating in environmental projects!


The City of Annapolis and our partners would like to thank the following Schoolyard Habitats for participating the the NWF Habitat Program:

The City of Annapolis and our partners would like to thank the following Open Spaces, Places of Worship, and workspaces for participating the the NWF Habitat Program: 

In addition to the participants, The City of Annapolis' City Hall is a certified Wildlife Habitat. The pathway in between City Hall and the Hillman parking garage features some native plants, a butterfly puddling area, and ground cover for shelter and a place to raise young. Certified City parks include: Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park at Back Creek, Amos Garrett Park, Horn Point Park, Newman Street Park, College Creek Park, Acton Cove Park, Waterworks Park, Barbara Neustadt Park, and Truxtun Park. 

The City of Annapolis and our partners would like to thank our wonderful residents for taking the initiative by creating beautiful habitats for our native wildlife. 

Annapolis Patch features a great starting article that describes the benefits of transfomring your grass lawn into a garden oasis! Check out the article here

Partners for the City of Annapolis efforts to become certified as a 

National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat:

City of Annapolis
Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs
Department of Recreation and Parks
National Wildlife Federation
Wild Bird Center of Annapolis


Photo courtesy of Erika Smith.