Community Grant Application

City of Annapolis Community Grant

Application and Guidelines Local Fiscal Year 2015

The City’s priorities for funding a Community Grant to a non-profit organization are:
  • the project or activity has quantifiable outcomes;
  • provides plans for securing funding from sources other than those provided by the City of Annapolis;
  • represents a cooperative effort among the applicant, the community, and other private and/or public partners;
  • displays creative ways of helping people help themselves;
  • provides activities in support of the City's goal of providing a system in which all residents of the City of Annapolis have access to services that sustain and enhance the quality of life and are equitable, effective, accountable, and responsive to changing community needs.

Please read the Application Guidelines and Instructions for more detailed information.

Information in the Application PDF form may be saved as long as you have Adobe Reader 9 or higher on your PC. The Adobe Reader software is free and can be found at

If you have questions or any concerns, please contact Jacalyn Bierman at 410-263-7997 or by email at