Monthly Memo

The Manager Monthly Memo is a report on activity underway in the City each month. It includes:
  • Cover Memo by Acting City Manager Virginia Burke
  • Year-to-Date report on financial expenditures, revenues, and overtime
  • Map showing reported Part I Crime
  • Map showing new businesses, notable construction projects, and the current year's street paving plan
  • Monthly report submitted to the City Manager by each department head.

Cover Memo by Acting City Manager Virginia Burke (February 18, 2014)

As we recover from the newest round of snow and ice (and this winter seems to have had more weather events than usual), I would like to express particular appreciation to the City staff who work to keep things running smoothly, often overnight and out of the public eye. At the forefront of managing these events is Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Simmons who directs the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management (EPARM). Under EPARM’s coordination, staff from almost every City department contributes to emergency response efforts, as do several non-City agencies. I am pleased with the overall success of those efforts, notwithstanding the inevitable inconveniences. I would also like to thank the many residents who have borne the inconveniences with patience and good humor, while providing the feedback that helps the City crews do their work.

The City’s year-to-date fiscal report shows a stable fiscal picture. Overall, overtime expenditures to date are under budget. The customary Quarterly Financial Report was delayed from being delivered in January, but we will reschedule it as soon as possible.

Finally, within days I expect to have the full report on the results of the Citizen Survey conducted in November and December. You may remember the survey was conducted by the West Annapolis-based polling firm, OpinionWorks. We look forward to presenting its findings to you in the near future. The picture that has emerged from the full tabulation of responses:

  • Residents express broad satisfaction with living in Annapolis;
  • High performance ratings are given to a number of critical City services, particularly those related to public safety;
  • Residents express some disconnect with the City government itself, expressed as how well citizen involvement is welcomed and the overall direction the City is taking;
  • Areas where residents would like to see improvement include: street and sidewalk maintenance, the trail system, bicycle-friendly features, and preservation of natural areas;
  • City employees across-the-board receive positive scores for being friendly and knowledgeable.

There is much more than these highlights to be learned from the survey results.  I believe the results will be particularly useful as we head into the annual Budget process and the associated examination of resources we devote to delivery of City services. I recommend the Survey Report be presented at a Council Work Session, which is a good format for informational and discussion items, but I am open to suggestions for any other venue.

See full report below.