Information Technology


Barbara I. Smith, Acting MIT Manager

MIT is a subdivision of the Finance Department.

Maintains a central processing computer installation to support the many functions of the Finance Department. Provides Management Information Technology services to all City Departments; these services include networks and microcomputers, software upgrades, and training.

  • Provides technical support for various City business and operating units
  • Maintains central processing and network hardware, security, operating systems and data communications systems.
  • Maintains, enhances and develops many financial integrated computer system applications using the central processing computer.
  • Provides Internet and E-Mail services.
  • Provide telephone and video services 
  • Provides technical support for City PEG TV channels 
  • Provides Management Information Technology and local and wide area network services to all City departments.
  • Provides for training for various micro-computer applications.
  • Provides for microcomputer hardware and software specifications.
  • Provides centralized microcomputer hardware and software upgrades, troubleshooting and repair.
  • Manages and maintains the city Internet and Intranet web site,
  • Provides city-wide coordination of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services and databases.


  • Provide a secure information system.
  • To maintain central processing and network availability at 99.9%.
  • Assess City information management needs and determine the best means of utilizing automated technology to address those needs.
  • Ensure that the City's business and operating unit technologies are being used to their full potential.

Information for the Public

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