Dockage - Harbormaster's Office

The Annapolis City Dock offers slips, and two separate bulkheads. The eastern side of Market Slip (a.k.a. Ego Alley) offers 18 slips and 325 feet of bulkhead, while the western side offers 315 feet of bulkhead and is known as the Chandler Dock (also formerly known as Fawcett’s.)

market slip aka ego alley

Public Dockage:

The public slips on the eastern side vary in size, and the dimensions are listed on the table seen below. When approaching the harbor, it is recommended to contact us by radio or telephone and tell us your boat’s dimensions so we can advise you as to which available space is best suited for your boat.


  • May-October:
  • Transient boaters may rent up to three hours (prior to 5 p.m.) before they have to switch over to the daily rental plan.
  • The hourly rate (electrical hookup included) is $8 per hour for boats up to 40' overall length, $10 per hour for boats 41' to 60' feet overall length, and $15 per hour boats 61' and over in overall length.
  • The overnight rate (electrical hookup not included) is $2.25 per foot of overall length (including sprits, pulpits, davits, swim platforms, etc.), and no less than the minimum fee of $40 per night.
  • A premium surcharge of $0.50 per foot (a total of $2.75 per foot) will be added to transient dockage fees every Friday, Saturday, and during the following national holiday periods:
    • Naval Academy Graduation and Memorial Day holiday weekend: A total premium period of 11 days, adjusted annually to begin each year the Friday before graduation and reverting to regular fees the Tuesday after the Memorial Day Holiday.
    • Independence Day Holiday: A total premium period of 11 days, adjusted annually to begin each year on the Friday the weekend before July 4th and reverting to regular fees on the following Tuesday.
    • Labor Day Holiday: A total premium period of 6 days, adjusted annually to begin each year the Wednesday before Labor Day and reverting to regular fees the following Tuesday.
  • The checkout time is noon of each day.

  • November-April:
  • Winter dockage is available from November 1 to the last Monday before the final weekend in April of the following year.
  • The rental fee is paid weekly at $2.00 per foot.
  • Electricity fees are also paid weekly with rates according to the type of outlet.
  • There is a waiting list for winter dockage, so please call the office with your contact and vessel information to apply.


  • When you are finished tying up at a dock space or mooring, an employee will approach you about payment. Dock Assistants and Assistant Harbormasters will write a receipt for the fee paid, with your help.
    • In order to maximize efficiency and have our employees use as little of your time as possible, be sure to have the below information ready: length of your vessel, the official number (if no state registration numbers are shown), the captain's mobile cell phone number, and a payment method.
    • Repeat customers are encouraged to keep an old receipt on board in order to expedite this process.
  • Payment may be made with cash, check (made out to “City of Annapolis”), or credit card (We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, Diners Club, and JCB).
  • Occasionally, customers are ready to pay before our personnel or patrol boats have arrived on location. In these cases, customers are encouraged to call the office and pay by credit card over the phone. After you call, we will notify our patrol boat so that it will not disturb you.
  • After-hours-customers are encouraged to fill out a courtesy envelope for their own vessel, seal with payment, and deposit it into our Honor Dropbox on the front door of the City Dock Office or the Truxtun Park Field Office.
    • The transactions receipts for both over-the-phone, and after-hours customers will be available for pickup in the office.


  • The public slips and bulkhead operate on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The right to occupancy terminates upon departure from a first-come-first-served slip or bulkhead. If you depart before the end of your pre-paid time, some other boat may occupy the space immediately after you vacate.
    • In this case, if there is space available when you return; the Watch Commander may authorize resumed occupancy until the expiration of your pre-paid time.
  • Consumption of alcohol is only permitted while aboard paid vessels.
  • Fueling is not permitted in the City Dock area.
  • Barbecue grills or open fires are not permitted at City Dock due to the fire hazard.
  • Use only correct, UL-approved electrical fittings at City Dock.

Annapolis City Dock Slip Dimensions
Slip Number Boat Length Piling Length Bulkhead Width Middle Width Outer Width
3SS 30 N/A N/A N/A N/A
S4 28 26 12 11 11
S5 28 26 12 11 11
S6 30 27 12 12 13
S7 30 27 12 12 11
S8 35 28 13 12 12
S9 35 28 13 13 14
S10 35 30 13 12 15
S11 40 30 12 12 14
S12 40 31 12 12 15
S13 40 31 13 12 12
S14 45 33 17 16 16
S15 45 33 16 16 18
S16 45 35 16 16 18
S17 50 35 17 16 18
S18 50 37 16 16 17
S19 50 37 16 16 18
S20 50 38 16 17 17

Reserved Dockage:

The Annapolis Harbormaster’s office has a management agreement with the owners of Chandler Dock (formerly Fawcett's), which permits taking reservations and holding reserved space. Be advised that the Harbormaster may cancel or terminate your reservation for public need or public safety.

Please call the office to arrange for a reservation. When you call for your reservation, please be sure to have all of your personal and vessel information ready. This includes your vessel's overall length including any davits, booms, platforms, bowsprits, pulpits, and dinghies; documentation or registration; and payment information.

  • The maximum allowable beam width is 18 feet to prevent marine traffic congestion. If your beam exceeds 18 feet, call the office and ask to speak with the Harbormaster to request an exception.
  • The overnight rate is $3.25 per foot, per day, paid in full, 7 to 10 days in advance of your scheduled arrival. A premium surcharge of $0.50 per foot (a total of $3.75 per foot) will be added to transient dockage fees every Friday, Saturday, and during the following national holiday periods seen above.
    • The full reserved docking fee will be refunded only with notice of at least seven days. Fifty percent will be refunded with less than seven but more than three days notice. Special circumstances will be evaluated case-by-case.
  • Electricity fees will be charged in full and in advance.
  • New arrivals may check in any time after 1 p.m.
  • Reservations are held until 6 p.m. on the day of your scheduled arrival. The Harbormaster may then rent the space to other boats on a day-by-day basis.
  • The checkout time is noon of each day. Boats remaining on dock past the expiration of their reservation time will be charged a full day.
  • If you choose to extend your reservation period after the fact, we cannot guarantee availability, however we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • Occasionally we may move your vessel fore or aft as needed to accommodate newly arriving boats of differing sizes.