Public Safety - commonly asked questions

  • How can I make my business safer?

  • What size and type of fire extinguisher do I need for my business and where should it be placed?

  • Where are smoke alarms required in my home?

  • Can I purchase and use fireworks in Annapolis?

  • How often does the fire extinguisher in my business need to be inspected and maintained?

  • Are small campfires and bonfires allowed?

  • My fire extinguisher at home is probably 15 years old and needless to say has never been tested. Should I assume that it has probably outlived its usefulness and if so, how can I dispose of it?

  • I have a family member who is deaf or hard of hearing. Is there a special smoke alarm for the hearing impaired?

  • How can I obtain a copy of the fire codes currently being enforced?

  • I need to apply for a building or fire protection system permit, what is the procedure?

  • Can I use a BBQ grill on the balcony of my condominium or apartment?

  • Can I burn trash, leaves or debris on my property?

  • My neighbor has junk, debris and other items stored on his property which I think create a fire hazard. What can be done to remedy this condition?

  • How can I check on the proper and safe installation of my grandchild's car safety seat?

  • Where can I take my expired flares for proper and safe disposal?

Children Burn Safety

"Maryland Burn Injuries in Children"

Please view the flyers below to learn about Pediatric Burn PreventionScald Prevention, and Young Fire Setters.

Senior Safety Slips and Falls

Unattended Cooking

Get your BUTT out of BED!