Fire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Annapolis Fire Department?

Contact the Fire Department Recruiters at or call them at 443-336-0532 or 443-822-6870.  You may also visit the Recruiting page at this website.

 How do I get trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and/or First Aid?

For a nominal fee, the Annapolis Fire Department offers CPR/AED and/or First Aid training for the general public.  Individuals, groups or businesses that are interested in CPR/AED and/or First Aid training should email or call 410-263-7975.

Does the Annapolis Fire Department offer Public Education Programs such as station tours or host children’s birthday parties?

We do offer Station tours and fire prevention education programs.  However, we are unable to host birthday parties or other such events at fire stations.  To schedule Public Education or station tours please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at

How can I check on the proper and safe installation of my grandchild's car safety seat?

The Annapolis Fire Department does not conduct car seat safety inspections; however, there are several agencies or businesses in our area that do offer this service.  Please reference ​this website for the list and please note that they all require an appointment be set up before you go to their location.

Where can I take my expired signal or safety flares for proper and safe disposal?

The Anne Arundel County Bureau of Waste Management accepts flares from City residents at their Hazardous Waste Drop Off Days.  Please reference th​is website for dates, locations and a list of items accepted; however, they will not accept either aerial or parachute flares.  The US Coast Guard suggests that these should be kept for back-up use to expand signaling time in the event of an emergency.

Does the Annapolis Fire Department sell or give away patches, t-shirts or other departmental items?

No, due to economic and safety concerns; the Annapolis Fire Department does not sell or give away any departmental items. 

My insurance company needs to know the location of the closest fire station or hydrant to my home located in Annapolis’ jurisdiction.

To ensure your insurance company gets the proper response, please contact the Annapolis Fire Department with the address of your home and the closest intersection at

How can I get a copy of my fire or ambulance report?

Please call the Annapolis Fire Department Headquarters at 410-263-7975 between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm during normal business days.  Please have ready; the date of service and the location of the response.  Once we have determined that we were the department who handled your call for assistance, you will be given direction of when your report will be ready for pick up for a $5.00 fee, payable in cash or check, at the Fire Department Headquarters located at 1790 Forest Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21401.  You will also be advised of any applicable confidentiality requirements.  Please be advised that due to ongoing investigations, some reports may not be immediately ready for release.

Does the City of Annapolis charge a fee for ambulance services?

Yes, the Annapolis Fire Department charges a fee if you are transported via ambulance.  If we respond to your call for assistance and you were not transported, there will be no fee.  You should receive a statement of services from our third party ambulance billing vendor.  This will ask for your insurance information and a signature to bill your insurance company.  If you provided the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers with the insurance information at the time of the call, you may not receive this statement.

Who do I call with ambulance billing questions?

The City of Annapolis uses a third party ambulance billing vendor, Intermedix, who may be reached at 1-888-980-9296.

Their mailing address is:

City of Annapolis
1105 Schrock Road, Suite 610
Columbus, OH 43229

Are small campfires, burn pits and bonfires allowed within the City of Annapolis?

The only outdoor fires permitted in the City of Annapolis are for personal recreational purposes or cooking.  Burning of trash, leaves or debris is not permitted.

Small campfires and burn pits are allowed under the following guidelines:

  • The area must be under constant supervision until the fire is extinguished and the location of the fire must not be within 15 feet of any structure including buildings, fences or decks.
  • The fire must be contained in a U.L. Listed appliance such as a chiminea or burn pit.
  • The device must have a chimney or metal screen to contain embers.
  • A method of extinguishing the fire must be readily available.

Bonfires for personal recreation require a permit from the Fire Marshal’s Office, located at 145 Gorman Street, 3rd Floor.  This permit shall require a diagram of the bonfire area in addition to guidelines you must follow. Additional questions pertaining to this should be directed to the Annapolis Fire Marshal’s Office at 410-260-2202.

* If in doubt as to the safety of your project, CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!

May I use a BBQ grill on the balcony of my condo or apartment?

You CANNOT use a charcoal or gas grill on a balcony, deck or any area within 15 feet of a condominium or apartment building that has 3 or more living units.  You CAN use an electric grill or similar appliance provided no open flame is produced.

If you live in a single-family dwelling, duplex or townhouse, no law restricts the use of grills, but it is recommended that you adhere to the above safety provisions for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

 Can I purchase and use fireworks in Annapolis?

It is illegal to possess or discharge fireworks in the City of Annapolis without a permit issued by the State Fire Marshal.

Under Maryland law, the following are not classified as fireworks and are legal for outdoor use:

  • Toy pistols, toy canes, toy guns and other devices that use paper caps if the devices are constructed so that a hand cannot touch the cap when the cap is in place for use.
  • Hand-held sparklers that do not contain chlorates or perchlorates ("gold label" only).
  • Ground based sparkling devices that are non-aerial and non-explosive. Legal ground-based sparklers are stationary, sit on the ground and emit a shower of sparks several feet into the air.  Some may whistle, but they do not pop or crack.  They do not explode, shoot projectiles or move along the ground.
  • Paper-wrapped snappers that contain less than 0.03 grains of explosive composition. 
  • Ash-producing pellets known as "snakes".

Questions, concerns or for information on how to obtain a fireworks permit should be directed to the Fire Marshal’s Office at 410-260-2202 or

My neighbor has junk, debris and other items stored on his property which I think creates a fire hazard.  What can be done to remedy this condition?

Fire codes and regulations do not apply to properties of single-family homes, duplex homes and town homes or to the interior living unit of a residence.  Such conditions may however be a zoning or health issue.  As such, the Annapolis Planning and Zoning, Inspections and Permits Office (410-263-7946) or the Anne Arundel County Health Department, Environmental Health Office (410-222-7364) may be able to assist you.

 Where are smoke alarms required in my home?

Depending on when your home was built and the use (ie. Rental property or owner occupied) the location and type of smoke alarm requirements vary. 

The Annapolis Fire Department recommends that you have an interconnected battery backed up electric smoke alarm system with alarms on each floor and in each sleeping area.

However, for your exact legal requirements, please contact the Annapolis Fire Marshal’s Office at or 410-260-2202.

I have a family member who is deaf or hard of hearing.  Is there a special smoke alarm available for the hearing impaired?

Yes, a hearing impaired or “Visual Smoke Alarm” has been developed for those who cannot adequately detect the sound of an audible alarm.  Visual smoke alarms operate through the means of a powerful strobe light as well as a supplemental piercing audible alarm that should awaken the sleeping person to warn deaf or hard of hearing occupants of a hazardous situation.  Hearing impaired alarms are available at most home improvement centers or online. 

However, if you are unable to locate or afford the cost of a hearing impaired smoke alarm, the Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland (FABSCOM) can assist citizens in acquiring visual smoke alarms throughout the State of Maryland.  ​Download an application.​

Questions or concerns regarding these specialized hearing impaired alarms should be directed to the Fire Marshal’s Office at or 410-260-2202.

My home fire extinguisher is 15 years old and has never been tested.  Should I assume that it has probably outlived its usefulness and if so, how can I dispose of it?

Fire extinguisher manufacturers recommend that all extinguishers be inspected and tested annually by a certified or qualified fire extinguisher sales and service company.  Some fire extinguishers can be serviced and recharged.  We recommend that you contact a local fire extinguisher sales and service company to have your extinguisher tested and to determine if yours can be recharged.

Most residential type extinguishers sold by home improvement stores are disposable and cannot be recharged.  If the extinguisher is discharged and the valve is removed you may take it to BFPE International located in Hanover Maryland (410-768-2200) for disposal.  We suggest that you may contact a local fire extinguisher sales and service company for assistance in discharging the unit and removing the valve for a fee.

I received notice that my business is due for a fire safety inspection.  What should I expect for them to check?

Visit our Fire Safety Inspections and Permits section.

I need to apply for a building or fire protection system permit, what is the procedure?

The Fire Department does not issue permits.  The Department of Planning and Zoning, Inspections and Permits Office accepts applications for permits and distributes plans for reviews as necessary for issuance of permits.  Questions regarding permit application procedures or permit status should be directed to the Department of Planning and Zoning, Inspections and Permits Office at 410-263-7946.  The Fire Department conducts inspections for commercial permits after issuance upon request by the contractor/applicant.  Requests for Fire Marshal inspections must be made by calling the Fire Marshal’s Office directly at 410-260-2202.  If you are calling after normal business hours or do not get an answer, please leave a message stating the type of inspection needed and the address of the inspection.

How may I obtain a copy of the fire codes currently being enforced?

Most of the codes and standards referenced by the State and City Fire Prevention Code are National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards.  You may come to the Fire Marshal’s Office to view NFPA codes and standards but are not permitted to remove them from the office or make copies of them.  You may purchase copies of the NFPA Codes and Standards through the Internet ( or by calling 1-800-344-3555.

You can find the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code online at

The State and City Fire Prevention Codes amend NFPA codes and standards and have other requirements not found in NFPA codes and standards.