Fire Department Chief Bio

Chief Stokes

Chief Stokes is well respected among firefighters in the City and the County for his professionalism and his ability to build strong relations between career firefighters and volunteers. He spent more than three decades as a firefighter for Anne Arundel County Fire Department serving in the following capacities: Firefighter, Enginemen, Fire Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, Division Chief, Deputy Chief and Fire Chief.  He served as Fire Chief for Anne Arundel County Fire Department from 2006-2008. His tenure includes six years with the Eastport and West Annapolis Volunteer Fire Departments. During his time as Fire Chief in Anne Arundel County, Chief Stokes was noted for reducing rampant overtime spending and bringing the Department budget under control. In previous leadership roles in the County, his service included assignments in Operations, Fire Marshal's Office, Maintenance, Training and logistics.