Emergency Medical Services

The Annapolis Fire Department's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division exists to provide emergency and non-emergent health care, rescue and related services to the citizens and visitors of the City of Annapolis, and to provide medical transportation to the appropriate health care facility.  It is the Department's philosophy to maintain the highest level of service to the City of Annapolis and its citizens. The goal is to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with medical emergencies and traumatic injuries through a comprehensive program of strategic planning, training, prevention, evaluation and support of the department's operational personnel. 

The Annapolis Fire Department has a complement of career Basic Life Support (BLS) providers and Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers that are cross-trained as firefighters. All first-line fire and rescue apparatus are staffed at a minimum EMT/Basic level and provide first-response and support for EMS operations. The EMS Division has a total of forty-nine (49) ALS providers. This includes four (4) EMS Lieutenants and four (4) ALS providers assigned to the day shift. The EMS Division also operates two (2) specialty units, ALS bike medics, which are utilized during special events and a Tactical Medic Team, which provides medical coverage for the Police Departments ASET team.

July 1, 2004, Dr. Robert Heller joined our staff as the EMS Medical Director. Dr. Heller is one of the Emergency Department Physicians at Anne Arundel Medical Center. In addition, the Fire Department is fortunate enough to have Dr. Michael Clemmens Associate Medical Director for Pediatrics. The Medical Directors assist in training and re-certification.

In 2014 The EMS Division responded to over 8,800 calls for service, this included incidents where a person was found to be in cardiac arrest. The Department is proud that we currently have a resuscitation rate of 25% compared to the National average of only 10%

2015 marks the 40 anniversary of Advanced Life Support Care being provided by the Annapolis Fire Department.

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Photos: Courtesy of the Annapolis Fire Department