All donations should be mailed to:

Annapolis Fire Department
1790 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21401


The AFD Ambulance Memorial Fund is an account which has been in place for over 45 years to collect funds designated to be used exclusively for items needed for the enhancement of the Emergency Medical Services Division. Please make checks payable to the City of Annapolis and reference “Ambulance Memorial Fund.”


In the 1920’s the AFD sent assistance to a fire in a trailer park on Saint George Barber Road where they did not have fire stations. They saved a trailer belonging to the Garnett family and they never forgot it; so when Mrs. Garnett passed away in 1966 her attorney called to tell Fire Chief Charles H. Steele that she had left a bequeathal to the firefighters. The bank account was opened by her estate over forty years ago and the money has continued to be used for the welfare of the firefighters who spend 24 hours in the stations, 365 days a year. To donate to this fund, please make checks payable to E. S. Garnett Firemen’s Welfare Fund.


Our loyal four-legged personnel also need care after they retire from many years of service with the Annapolis Fire Department.  Their handler generally keeps them after they no longer are able to work, however, the cost of their care is no longer budgeted so the handler pays for them out of pocket.  For that reason this fund was started to help offset major expenses needed for the care of the retired dogs.  To donate to this fund please make checks payable to the City of Annapolis and put in the memo Care of Retired K-9's.


At one time the AFD was able to get smoke detectors donated for those who needed them, but about ten years ago that was no longer possible and there was no budget funding available, so we had to find a way to raise funds to continue this program. As needed we use this money to go out and buy smoke detectors which are given to citizens who live in the City of Annapolis and demonstrate a lack of ability to purchase one themselves. These are inexpensive items which clearly save lives and protect people. To donate to this fund, the check should be made out to the Annapolis Professional Firefighters Local #1926 and insert in the memo section a notation for the Smoke Detector Fund.


Do you have an old vehicle that you want to get rid of, even one that won’t run any more, if so, please consider donating it to the Annapolis Fire Department.
We need them for our training to practice cutting them up and safely extricating trapped passengers.  Honing these skills takes a lot of training and practice.  You can help us by providing the vehicles we need to continue our training.
It is easy to do:
1.  Please call our training office at 410-263-1015 for further information, or to schedule a donation.
2.  We will need you to provide us with the title of the vehicle and sign it over to us.
3.  You may either bring the vehicle to us, or we can arrange to have it picked up from your location.
4.  If you would like a letter of verification of your donation, please make sure you tell our Training Officer when you call.  You should consult with a tax advisor for assistance on how to take a tax deduction for this donation.
5.  Say goodbye to your old vehicle.
It is that effortless!