Community Partners

Orca Green Marine LLC Donates LED Nagivation Lights

Meghan Matthews from Orca Green Marine LLC kindly donated all new LED navigation lights for the Annapolis Fire Boat at no cost to the City of Annapolis. The lights cost MSRP approximately $3,000. This is a great example of local businesses helping the Annapolis Fire Department. The lights were installed by the Annapolis Fire Department 3rd platoon's crew. These new lights increase visibility for up to two nautical miles. This also enhances our crews' safety which is one of the Fire Chief's Annual Goals. Meghan is also developing new LED work lights to replace existing flood lights. The Annapolis Fire Department greatly appreciates this generous donation and support from the community!

LED Light Donation by Orca Green

From left to right: Firefighter III Jack Beckwith, Greg Terry from Chesapeake Sales and Consulting, Fire Chief David L. Stokes,Sr., Meghan Matthews from Orca Green Marine LLC, Lieutenant Chris King and Firefighter First Class Emory Swink, Jr.

LED Lights ready for Fireboat
LED Lights installed on Fireboat

Annapolis Lions Club Awards the Annapolis Fire Department with $500

​Members of the Annapolis Fire and Police Departments were hosted by the Annapolis Lions Club for an evening of dinner, fellowship and a financial award of $500.00 to each organization. The Annapolis Fire Department will use the donation to purchase CPR supplies for citizen CPR classes.  Chief Stokes graciously accepted the contribution and thanked President Ron Housley for the Annapolis Lions Club’s many years of support and partnership in assisting the Annapolis Fire Department in providing the citizens of Annapolis with CPR classes from our instructors.

Photos: Courtesy of the Annapolis Fire Department

The Annapolis Fire Department Celebrates with the Parkwood Community

​The community of Parkwood held its annual picnic at the end of Springdale Street in Eastport. The Annapolis Fire Department's engine and paramedic crews from the Eastport Fire Station attended the outing and provided life and fire safety information, tours of their fire apparatus and demonstrated how to properly wear their turnout gear.

Photos: Courtesy of the Annapolis Fire Department