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Annapolis Fire Department

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The Annapolis Fire Department (AFD) exists to provide a safe environment for the community by minimizing the impact of fire and injury through public education, quality service, emergency preparedness and an overall culture of safety.

"An ISO Class 2 Department"

Proudly Protecting Maryland’s Historic Capital City

Greetings and welcome to the website of the Annapolis Fire Department.

The Annapolis Fire Department has a proud and rich tradition of protecting Maryland’s Historic State Capital. Incorporated in 1708, Annapolis is approximately 7.6 square miles and is home to 38,400 residents and the United States Naval Academy. In colonial times firefighting and the prevention of fire was every citizen’s duty. Households were required to have a ladder that could reach its roof, a “swab” twelve to fourteen feet long, and two leather buckets kept near the door.

 The first organized volunteer fire department in Annapolis was formed on February 25, 1839 when the Maryland General Assembly authorized the formation of the Independent Fire Company which operated until it was disbanded (1861-1865) during the Civil War. The Company was reformed in 1884 as the Independent Fire Company #2. The second fire company, Rescue Hose Company #1 organized in 1879 and the third, Water Witch Hook & Ladder Company was formed in 1885. Meanwhile on the outskirts of town the Eastport Volunteer Fire Company formed in 1886 and in 1911, the West Annapolis Fire & Improvement Company was established on the west side of the City. The West Annapolis Volunteer Fire Department would eventually relocate to the Anne Arundel County Fire Department in 1973. In 1986, the Rescue Hose, Independent and Water Witch Hook & Ladder stations were combined in the newly constructed Taylor Avenue Fire Station.

The Department’s first career fire chief; Chief Charles H. Steele (1964-1987) oversaw the progression of the career fire service in Annapolis and is credited with laying the foundation of the modern day Annapolis Fire Department.  The Department continues to evolve to meet the challenges and needs of our citizens and the many tourists that visit Annapolis annually.  Today, our 127 member Department serves the 38,400 residents of the City with three fire stations (Eastport, Forest Drive and Taylor Ave) operating two engine companies, one medic-engine company, one rescue squad, two truck companies, two transport paramedic units , two transport BLS units, and one 36 foot Fire Boat.

The Department operates a Hazardous Materials Unit and Decon Unit. The Fire Marshal’s Office provides Fire & Explosive Investigation services, public education and fire safety inspections. In 2010, the City’s Office of Emergency Management was placed under the command of the Annapolis Fire Department.

I hope that you enjoy your visit to our website. I am honored to serve as the 5th career Chief of the Annapolis Fire Department and I extend you an invitation to come back and visit our website often.

David L. Stokes, Sr., Fire Chief

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