Mayor Mike Pantelides

Pantellides MikeMayor Michael John Pantelides

In November 2013, Michael J. Pantelides was elected Mayor of Annapolis, becoming the city’s first Republican mayor since 1997.  He credits his campaign’s success to the volunteer work done by the City’s diverse community that Annapolis prides itself on. 

Mayor Pantelides ran on a “Sweep Annapolis Clean” platform, creating a crusade to change policy and process in the city.  During his first 100 days in office, he began right-sizing government, reorganized departments and created initiatives that support business and economic development in the city, always mindful of the fragile environment.  He also passed the city’s 2015 budget by an eight to one vote. The budget process was substantial and benefits the citizens by providing the important services, programs, and projects they demand and deserve without raising real estate taxes.  

Meanwhile, the mayor set a new standard for the transition process in his administration. Mayor Pantelides wanted to make sure his transition team was responsive to Annapolis’s needs so he opened up the application process to the public. More than 200 citizens applied, and he appointed Democrats, Republicans, and Greens utilizing their diverse experiences and expertise. 

Mayor Pantelides agrees that an inclusive approach is paramount to his success. He remains committed to creating innovative ways for citizen involvement. One of those ideas is making it possible to communicate with populations that, in the past, were difficult to reach.   The Language Bank is made up of 61 residents that speak 23 different languages, ranging from Spanish to French, and Arabic to Italian. They offer their talents to the city, helping individuals to communicate through their translation services. Mayor Pantelides also brought on a Hispanic liaison to work with local faith based groups and the growing Hispanic community, in an effort to eliminate current barriers. 

The mayor has an open door policy on the first Tuesday of each month where citizens can come in and discuss concerns, offer advice, or ask questions related to Annapolis.  

Mayor Pantelides is an Ex Officio member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame, is a board member on the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Visitors Bureau and sits on the Legislative Committee for the Maryland Municipal League.