Transportation Board

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Mail: 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 
attention: Boards and Commissions Coordinator. 

  • COMPOSITION:  The Board shall consist of fifteen members, eight City of Annapolis residents (one from each ward), two ad hoc members representing St. Johns College and the Naval Academy, and five appointed at-large, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council for a term of three years, commencing on July 1st of the year in which appointed. The appointment shall designate the term of each member of the board so that the terms of not more than five members of the board shall expire in any one year.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.320
  • DUTIES:  to provide informed analysis of the facts relating to transportation matters affecting the City and all transportation matters pending before the City Council or before any City agency, board or commission; to recommend to the Mayor and City Council, a comprehensive transportation master plan for the City; to provide oversight, guidance, and expertise in the planning of comprehensive traffic, transit, and parking policies.
    Fourth Wednesday of the month, 6:30 p.m., City Council Chamber
    Transportation Department, (410)-263-7964

Amy Jones, Secretary 1 12/22/2014
Alex Pline, Chair  2 10/28/2013    06/30/2016
Wes Irvin  3 09/21/2015   06/30/2018
John Gianetti  5 05/10/2010   06/30/2012
Carol Kelly  6 ​12/13/2010  02/08/2016 06/30/2019
VACANCY  7    
Robert Eades at large 05/10/2010  02/08/2016 06/30/2019
Mike Pachler at large 01/28/2013   06/30/2016
Christopher P. Aiken, Vice Chair at large 05/10/2010  02/08/2016 06/30/2019
Elizabeth Dolezal at large 10/28/2013 06/30/2016
Jennifer West-Miser at large 10/28/2013   06/30/2016
Ann Widener at large 10/28/2013   06/30/2016
VACANCY            St Johns      
Brian Kelm Naval Academy  03/24/2014   06/30/2017
 Arjan Van Andel    7/11/2016     7/11/2019