Risk Management Committee

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    The Risk Management Committee shall consist of both an operations group and a policy group that work in tandem to create a culture of transparency by making information available to all employees and accountability by reporting completely and accurately. The Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management shall lead the operations group and policy group.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.200
  • DUTIES:  Establish policy relating to the safety of City employees while on duty and the preservation and protection of City-owned property;  Review, evaluate and make recommendations pertaining to departmental personnel and property safety regulations, procedures and activities;  Report to the City Council by means of committee minutes the activities of the committee. These minutes shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, reports of injury to City employees while on duty, damage to or loss of City-owned equipment and property, and damage or loss claims filed against the City by other persons as a result of accident or injury; Perform other duties as may be assigned to it by the City Council.
    Meets on an "as needed" basis.
    Emergency Preparedness and Risk Management, Mary O'Brien (410)-216-9167

Mary O'Brien (Finance), Chair
Lt. Brian Antal (Police)
Batl. Chief Tim McDowell (Fire)
Archie Trader (Recreation and Parks - Stanton Center)
Dennis Hoyle (Recreation and Parks- Pip Moyer Rec Center)
Tricia Hopkins (HR)
Cindy Tate (Public Works)
John Menassa (DNEP)
David Street (Harbormaster)
Karen Steele (Law)