Parking Advisory Commission

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    The Commission consists of eleven members who are appointed for terms of three years by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council. Six members shall be residents of the city and at least five of the six shall have a resident parking permit. Three shall be residents of the city and own or manage a business located in a resident parking district. One shall be associated with St. John’s College and one shall be associated with the United States Naval Academy. In the case of the last two members, the Mayor shall invite the President of the College and the Superintendent of the Academy to recommend a prospective member.
  • CITY CODE: 12.04.030
    The duties of the Commission are, as follows:
    1. Review existing principles, policies, laws and regulations relating to parking;
    2. Recommend revision of principles, policies, laws and regulations relating to parking;
    3. Monitor administration and enforcement of parking law and regulations;
    4. Recommend measures to improve administration and enforcement;
    5. Study and recommend on the advisability of consolidating all parking-related functions in a single department of parking or in the alternative, of transportation and parking;
    6. Submit an annual report by February 15th of each calendar year to the City Council;
    7. Periodically confer with Transportation Board and submit to the Board for its review and comment all proposed recommendations to the Mayor and Aldermen; and
    8. Perform such other duties as directed by the Mayor or the City Council. (Ord. O-55-06 Amended § 1 (part), 2007)


    The Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m., at the City offices at 145 Gorman Street, 3rd. Floor Conference Room.




C. Chance Walgran (Business), Chairman 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Carl T. Larkin (Resident) 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Elizabeth Dolezal (Resident) 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
James W. White (Resident) 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Jennifer West-Miser (Resident) 11/19/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Joe Rubino (USNA) 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Kathy Dulisse (St. Johns) 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Anne Widener 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Matthew S. Evans, III (Resident) 7/1/2007 7/26/2010 6/30/2013
Michelle Deckman 7/26/2010    6/30/2013