Maritime Advisory Board

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About the web page updates or additional postings please contact the Boards and Commissions Coordinator at or  410-263-7997.
Fax documents: 410-216-9284
Mail: 160 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401 
attention: Boards and Commissions Coordinator. 

    Eleven Members: seven members representing the Maritime Industry (three of whom shall employ no more than twenty people); Aldermen from Wards 1,7 and 8, which contain the Maritime zoning districts, or such persons employed in the Maritime Business as said Aldermen may designate in writing to the Mayor to serve in lieu of the Aldermen. Term - Four years. Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Aldermen.
  • CITY CODE: 2.48.230
    To provide expert and informed analysis of facts relating to the marine industry and pleasure boating to the City Council or City agencies, and to provide advice to the City concerning the administration of the Maritime Industry Economic Development Program and Fund (see O-51-88 Revised).
    Monthly, 3rd Tuesday, 7:00 p.m., Roger "Pip" Moyer Recreation Center
  • LIAISON: Planning and Zoning Department, Hollis Minor: 410-260-2200 x 7770


Debbie H. Gosselin 10/13/1999 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
Richard Pettingill 11/28/2011 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
Richard O. Franke 10/9/2000 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
Scott H. Allan 11/13/1995 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
Tarrant H. Lomax, Chair 10/9/1989 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
William H. Woodward Jr., DDS 11/13/2000 10/26/2015 06/30/2019
Duncan Hood (Ward 7 Designee) 09/09/2010 12/30/2017
Vacancy (Ward 8 Designee)
Andrew Fegley (Ward 1 Designee) 06/30/2017